Netbook of Magical Treasures Item Creation Guidelines.

Please note that these guidelines are for the NboMT, and do not apply to all gaming rules. These are simply our "house" rules.

  1. When creating an item, first of all decide if your item is unique or if it is simply a copy of another item. For instance say you want to create a magical bag that can hold more than it should. A bag of holding, simple right? What if you wanted it to be fire resistant though? Simply, enchant the item with fire resistance as you would a ring of the same name. This is not a new item, but an altered existing item.

  2. Don't create items that can cause major problems with game balance. What does this mean? Don't create items that are impossibly powerful so that any character wielding them is unstoppable. These types of items only hinder game play and will not give players the challenges they deserve.

  3. The goal of this project is to produce a netbook with quality magic items and artifacts that can be used in any campaign setting without having to change any of the core rules to do so. What does this mean for you? No references can be made to any of the campaign settings that are published by other companies. Rules from any of the accessory books are not allowed. All information pertaining to these campaigns and books are off limits to us as they are not part of the SRD (System Reference Document). If it is not in the SRD, don't use it. A copy of the SRD can be found at the Open Gaming Foundation web site.

  4. Flavor text is acceptable. What kind of flavor? Flavor text is acceptable as long as that text pertains to anything that you have permission to use. If it is a characters name, such as the original creator of an item, that you yourself have created, or have permission to use, then it is acceptable. The same goes for original item history. As long as it is a fictional description that you have written it is perfectly okay to use, as long as it does not make references to any of the published campaigns.

  5. Try to learn and understand the rules of the OGL and how it works. It is important that you as a contributor understand what it is you are contributing to, and how the OGL works for you. If you ever have any questions concerning this matter please contact the Team Leader when in doubt.

  6. Do not submit items unless you are fully ready to make them OGC material. Once they are published in this netbook, they become open gaming content and can be used by the gaming public. You can finde more here.

  7. Reference pages for calculating magic items cost, for determining item creation rules, and determining what spells and rules are allowed can be found at the and at the Open Gaming Foundation website, and at Monte Cooks website check out Magic Item FAQ I and Magic Item FAQ II. These are all helpful websites and references for creating magic items. You can also find an excellent and user friendly version of the SRD at

  8. Please reference the SRD, when calculating the market value for the items you are creating. The rules given there are to be used as guidelines for market value, but you must also take into consideration the price of similar items when setting a price. For weapons and armor, see the tables given for those items as you can usually rate its price by the + value it would compare to. This is not true for all armor and weapons, but it is a good guideline to go by.

  9. Use the template that we have created when submitting a magic item. Please do not alter or change the format or categories of the template. If some categories are left blank because they do not apply, simply erase them. If the template is not used the submission will not be accepted. Please use submission template 1.0 as found on the home page of the NboMT.

  10. In order for your item to get into the Netbook of Magical Treasures it must pass the review process with a minimum score of 4.4. To find details on how submissions are reviewed please see The Review Process in the Netbook of Magical Treasures.



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